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Welcome to Cardea Massage Therapy

Cardea Massage Therapy has been set up and developed by recommendations from Chiropractors and sports and health institutions to help to meet the need for a high quality, reputable massage service in Somerset. I am fully qualified, insured by and an accredited member of the The Federation of Holistic Therapists.

I offer either a relaxing massage designed to relax your mind and body using traditional and original massage movements, or a therapeutic deep tissue massage to release tight muscles or knotted tissues. This is especially good for sports people to improve sports performance by allowing the muscles to work to their full potential. Massage also assists lymphatic drainage where extra help is needed.

The main benefits of massage are:

  • improves blood circulation and increases blood flow
  • improves muscle tone
  • helps to improve posture
  • helps to remove toxins and drain metabolic waste
  • helps recovery from injuries
  • relieves aches and pains
  • assists weight loss to compliment dieting or exercise
  • helps to eliminate fatigue, depression and anxiety
  • reduces stress
  • relaxes mind and body

I am 50 something and have been married for over 30 years and have 3 adult children. In my youth I was fortunate enough to be on the English Karate Association national squad where we were shown how to do deep tissue massage to relieve aching muscles after a tough training session. This started my interest in massage which I have been practising ever since. I am a fully qualified and insured massage therapist and I am qualified in Swedish, deep tissue, trigger point and sports massage. I look forward to serving your needs whether it be relaxation, de stressing or muscular issues.
Richard Curtis MFHT, ITEC, City & Guilds

Types of Massage

Types of Massage

Swedish Massage (also called Traditional Massage)

This is a gentle, relaxing massage. It helps relax both body and mind, giving you a sense of wellbeing. It can relieve the general aches and pains caused from everyday life, leaving you completely relaxed and refreshed. The massage can be either full-body or customized to your needs, enabling me to concentrate on your particular problem areas.

Deep Tissue Massage

This is a firmer massage that focuses on the deep layers of muscle tissue. It works deep into the muscles and helps eliminate muscle aches, pains and fatigue, as well as boosting circulation to remove toxins. This massage relieves tension created by strained or contracted muscles and increases flexibility in joints, which aids your mobility and movement.

Neuromuscular Massage Therapy (also called Trigger Point Therapy)

This type of massage applies concentrated finger pressure to ‘trigger points’, which are painful, irritated areas of muscles. The aim is to break cycles of spasm and pain. This massage relaxes the painful muscles, blood starts flowing normally and lactic acid build-up is reduced. You will feel some pain if we hit a trigger point so it is essential that we communicate throughout the therapeutic session.

Sports Massage

Sports massage is a deep tissue massage that helps to mobilise and stretch muscles. It is used in the prevention of an injury as well as speeding up recovery on new, recurring and old injuries. It will also improve range of motion and muscle flexibility, resulting in improved power and performance in addition to shortening the recovery time between workouts.

You may also be interested in Chiropractic Services and we work closely with Burnham Chiropractic Surgery. They specialise in the treatment of back, neck, joint and muscular disorders and are located in Burnham-on-Sea town centre.

Your visit to Cardea Massage Therapy

Getting the most from your visit to Cardea Massage Therapy

Before your massage

Before I begin your massage I will go through an initial medical consultation with you to prioritise and plan your needs and to ensure that problem areas are avoided. Please download the treatment plan (click here), complete the form and bring it with you to your first appointment.

To get the most out of your massage please have a shower before the treatment. This is to remove dead skin cells and to help the oils soak in and nourish your skin. However, you do not need to wash your hair until afterwards. This is because a small amount of oil may transfer to your hair: if it does it will help to nourish your hair and can be washed out afterwards. If you are having a facial massage as part of your treatment please do not wear any make up.

During your massage

Please wear robust underwear to protect your modesty and/or shorts, tracksuit bottoms, vest top for comfort. Every effort will be made to protect your clothes from oil but, on occasions, it is unavoidable so please do not wear your Sunday best.

After your massage

When your treatment is finished, I will leave you on the table to relax for five minutes. You will then have the opportunity to discus your treatments, get advice and plan your next visit to make full use of the services I offer.

Massage Sessions and Prices

Sessions and Prices

The following elements make up a full body massage. You can choose the full routine or any element that needs working on to fill your session.

  • Backs of Legs
  • Back and neck
  • Face, chest and shoulders
  • Arms
  • Abdomen
  • Fronts of Legs
Length of session Price
30 minute session £35
45 minute session £45
60 minute session
(full body massage)

Please note: I can accept cash, cheque or bank transfer as payment.

Directions to Cardea Massage Therapy

How to find Cardea Massage Therapy

I am based in Burnham on Sea in Somerset and have a fully equipped treatment room for massage and therapies. My clients come from Berrow, Brean, Bridgwater, Bristol, Burnham on Sea, Cheddar, Clevedon, Glastonbury, Highbridge, Nailsea, Minehead, Portishead, Street, Shepton Mallet, Taunton, Wellington, Wells & Weston Super Mare.

How to find Cardea Massage Therapy

Located in the heart of the beautiful Somerset countryside, Burnham on Sea is in easy reach of a number of local attractions, from Weston-super-Mare pier to Wookey Hole Caves.

Directions: Burnham-On-Sea is in the South West of England. It is best accessed by road via the M5 motorway, leaving junction 22. You then travel for approx two miles in a Westerly direction to reach the coastal town of Burnham.

Sat Nav Address: Please use the following postcode for Sat Nav: TA8 1EY

Contact Cardea Massage Therapy

Contact Details for Cardea Massage Therapy

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch for bookings, more information or just for further advice about the benefits of massage therapy. Use the contact details below or complete the form and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Cardea Massage Therapy
76 Love Lane
Burnham on Sea
Somerset, TA8 1EY

Tel: 07752 599 765

  Cardea Massage Therapy facebook page

Thanks for visiting the site; I look forward to hearing from you, Richard Curtis MFHT, ITEC, City & Guilds

Reviews of Cardea Massage Therapy

What people are saying about Cardea Massage Therapy

Here are some reviews from customers

Following a road traffic accident six years ago I suffer with back and shoulder pain. I have spent money on physio appointments and now realise I should have seen a qualified massage therapist. In twenty minutes the difference was amazing. Richard could feel where I was experiencing pain and found all the pressure points before I could tell him. In those twenty minutes he did more for me than any treatment I have had in the past six years. I felt very comfortable in his presence and felt totally at ease. Very professional in what he does but also very relaxing. Would highly recommend him to all.

Carole James reviewed Cardea Massage Therapy. 27 August at 20:27

I haven’t had many massages in my life as I didn’t think I liked them! But I was given one as a birthday present recently. I chose a relaxing back, neck and shoulder massage and it was truly lovely. I know Richard tends to specialise in Sports therapy but my message was tailored to me and I really enjoyed it. I do recommend Richard.

Heather Tavener reviewed Cardea Massage Therapy. 11 March at 12:26

Richard has been great in giving me the deep tissue massage I needed to not only sort my back/neck pain issues but also helped to improve my posture. Without sounding too cliché after my massage it literally felt like a weight I had been carrying for years had been lifted off my shoulders! Richard gets to the point and sorts the issues for you instead of typical “massages”!Thanks Richard, hugely recommended!!!!

Olly Cogger reviewed Cardea Massage Therapy. 13 March at 21:35

I contacted Richard with a sports injury, when I spoke to him on the phone he was very professional, knowledgeable and came across very well. I went into the appointment in a lot of pain and he was able to ease the pain drastically after the first session, and after the second session the pain was gone. I would highly recommend Richard for any sports related injury and deep tissue massage.

Charmaine Kulpa reviewed Cardea Massage Therapy. 5 March at 14:50

Have been suffering with muscular skeletal injury to my right arm,neck and back for quite a while. I booked an appointment with Richard and after just one treatment the relief !!! I'll admit the treatment is quite intense at time but the benefits are worth it.

Would definitely recommend anyone with any aches pains or lack of energy to try Richard's massage

Jenny Allen reviewed Cardea Massage Therapy. 28 February at 17:45

As a racing cyclist i ask a lot of my body and have some long lingering aches and pains. I've been searching for a massage therapist who can get deep into my muscles. Ive been to plenty with mixed results over the years, I'm now 3 deep massages in, the 1st hurt lots and lots, the 2nd and 3rd less so. Richard is seriously the best masseuse i have come across, i feel i have more power, less pain and generally happier in my body. Visit him, endure the initial discomfort and reap the rewards. I'm Booking in now for monthly treatments to keep me in my best possible shape for training and racing. Thanks for the pummelling Richard!!

Steve Whitehurst reviewed Cardea Massage Therapy. 11 February

I suffered with constant shoulder and neck pain due to a build up of tension which meant that I would get numerous migraines. When I arrived at my first appointment I actually had a migraine, however after a deep and thorough massage from Richard my migraine disappeared. Since then, the pain has decreased and I feel a lot more relaxed. Would definitely recommend for anyone suffering!!

Charlotte Dursley reviewed Cardea Massage Therapy. 26 February at 09:24

I had really tight hamstrings. After a massage I've got new legs

Christine Picton reviewed Cardea Massage Therapy. 14 February

Having been in search of a decent deep tissue massage for a while, a friend recommended Richard to me. I saw him for the first time yesterday with lower back pain, tension in my neck and a recurring sciatica type pain. Wow! 😂 It was a tad painful initially but so worth it! I left feeling much better and had so much more movement in my neck. I couldn’t believe it! Would highly recommend Richard.

Hannah Mayo recommends Cardea Massage Therapy. 5 February

Had a sports massage by Richard as my lower back and shoulders were very painful. I was given an appointment quickly and to suit my schedule. On the day I was greeted at the reception so did not have to wonder where I needed to go. Richard took some relevant history and then explained to me what was going to happen. He is very knowledgeable and professional. The massage itself was excellent, I left the room feeling much better. I highly reccomend Richard as apart from being very good and passionate about his job, he also made me feel at ease (had a baby a few months ago so not very comfortable with how my body looks). Thank you Richard and looking forward for the next session.

Joanne Ventour-Page reviewed Cardea Massage Therapy. 6 December 2018

I’d suffered with my hips for a long time which had stopped me being able to run, thanks to Richard I can now run a 5k comfortably again!

Olivia Kay Elizabeth Ward reviewed Cardea Massage Therapy. 22 January

Five star rating amazing knowledge on the body and is a true massage therapist would recommend anytime to anyone anytime. CrossFit bodybuilding Olympic lifting running he can do it all. Even last-minute appointments

Daniel Hunt reviewed Cardea Massage Therapy. 30 November 2018

Rich is without a shadow of the doubt the best sports masseuse I’ve ever had the pleasure / displeasure of using 😂 I was full of tightness, knots, lactic acid, standing uneven and had been struggling to feel nimble running. After 2 sessions to date, I feel 100% looser, better, more relaxed while running and in better posture. If you want a proper hard massage, a real correction, he’s your man, it was the most measured pain and relief I’ve ever experienced, which means it was... done properly!

He can not only do the sports stuff, but also the relaxing massages etc. He really understands the detail of what muscles he is working and his theoretical knowledge is second to none. I had my 5k personal best time today, I haven’t run that comfortably and fast since 2016! Highly, highly recommend and will now be seeing Rich every two weeks throughout my marathon training, ensuring I’m prepped and at my best for the London marathon in 2019, but also enjoying and getting the most from my training schedule.

Steve Elvin reviewed Cardea Massage Therapy. 27 November 2018

I visited Richard as I wanted a stronger than average massage, with lasting effects. Often after massages, I feel well immediately after but the effects are short lived. Richard looked at my alignment and I told him that I regularly get headaches. He explained that it could be due to muscles in the back of the neck and head. He applied pressure to these areas- it was painful! But I could feel the relief afterwards. I had a whole body massage, and found tension in areas that I wasn't aware of. Richard was happy to answer my questions about muscles and how they build up tension, he was very informative and knew what he was doing. He also showed me exercises that I can do at home. Overall it was the most worthwhile and painful massage I have experienced, but Richard made it pleasant! Hopefully I will visit Cardea Massage therapy again.

Martha Nash reviewed Cardea Massage Therapy. 5 November 2018

Great professional service from Richard, after suffering with lower back pain i decided to try Cardea rather than the normal Chiropractor route which always leads to a lot of visits and plenty of expense in my experience. Richard set to work on my back pain and also noticed other areas that needed attention (neck, hamstrings, shoulder etc) i won't lie i was gritting my teeth and swearing a lot with the intense massage but it has done the trick plus i managed to touch my toes, something i cant remember ever being able to do, so if your suffering don't hesitate to give Cardea a try.

Julian Thompson reviewed Cardea Massage Therapy. 12 October 2018

This is a quality service and had fantastic results for me. Having been locked up for years, Richard has freed up my back and neck muscles and made my life a whole lot better. I was grateful that he made time to see me straight away when I was unable to walk, four days before going on holiday. By the end of that first session I was able to throw down the walking stick and walk up the road. Thoroughly recommend and thank you, Richard, for your expertise and help.

Isobel Ann Morgan reviewed Cardea Massage Therapy. 11 October 2018

Had my first massage with Richard at Cardea Massage Therapy yesterday, I went in with a list of ailments: torn ligaments in my ankle, very tight calves, lower back pain, tight shoulders and neck. He said he wasn’t a miracle worker as we only had 45 minutes. I was impressed by his knowledge and also by his ability to explain it so that I understood what was going wrong and how to fix it. He got to work on my calves, it was a bit painful and he stripped out the scar tissue o...n my ankle ligaments, they were tender at the time but the next morning I actually woke up without any ankle pain or tight calves, the first time in 10 months! He also got to work on my shoulders and neck and I could feel the benefit almost immediately, my posture felt more upright and a nagging headache which I had got used to had disappeared. I’m a runner and an indoor rower, my running posture has changed for the better and my stroke length on the rower has increased from 1.09m to 1.21m an increase of over 10% (this might not mean much to many but believe me it is a good thing). Thanks Richard, but he is a liar as he is a miracle worker!

John Sidaway reviewed Cardea Massage Therapy. 27 September 2018

WOW!!! This man is more of a magician than a therapist. called Richard at 10am with severe pain in my back. Had trouble sleeping, standing and walking was so painful. I was on his couch at 2.30pm walked out almost pain free by 3pm. had me touching my toes within half an hour. which is amazing as I haven't done that in years. lol.... I recommend Richard 1000% I must say that I even received a txt almost a week later asking how I was. Amazing treatment, very caring and understanding. Not to forget the tremendous after service. Thank you again Richard for all your help. Hope to see you again soon for a more relaxing massage.

Rob Shephard reviewed Cardea Massage Therapy. 23 August 2018

I went to see Richard over a Sciatica problem. He was totally proffesional and very knowledgeable. After only 2 very reasonably priced sessions of the deepest massage in the world not only has he sorted out the Sciatica, he also loosened my neck and shoulders, and relieved the cramp in my calves, he has worked miracles. I've been to quite a few osteo's, chiro's and physio's over the years and Richard's technique and thumbs of steel is the best.

Dan Mower reviewed Cardea Massage Therapy. 26 July 2018

I’ve had problems with my lower back for over 20+ years,a neighbour suggested massage and recommended the hand of god aka Richard Curtis,I just wished that I could of met him a lot earlier in life,after only two sittings I honestly feel 100% better in myself,he is a very talented fella!

Kelvin Mcleod reviewed Cardea Massage Therapy. 19 June 2018

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